The Starting Line – Chapter 2


By finally shedding the worst parts of my first attempt at independence, family and happiness, I discovered something that offered me all three… OAMA.

Don’t misunderstand. I have an amazing family including 3 wonderful children in my life that have helped me survive my unique obstacles… But to truly live, and not simply exist, I needed more… Something new, exciting and all encompassing.

I don’t believe it was simple luck that brought me to the doorstep of this academy. They welcomed me, taught me and eventually encouraged me to feel like one of the team.

The story is longer then that. So many details left out for I’ve written them so many times before. This isn’t about where I’ve been, and only briefly about how I got here… It is about where the path goes from here and how my journey continues when both sides of me collide.

For my martial arts journey, the many twists and turns I know I will continue to face, join me here… on the light side.

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